Cell Block 19
Cell Block-19, memetic properties removed

Entity Designation: Entity-3

Threat Level: Obscurus

Description: Cell Block-19 is an Agency funded prison located in ██████. Block was used to house extraterrestrial criminals that couldn't be terminated, either due to inability or various political reasons. Cell Block-19 is now infested with extraterrestrial organism currently taking the form of ghostly figures and swirling mists. Energy readings show these entities appear to be clusters of Dark Energy given form.

The purpose of the entities is unknown but they now have complete control over Block-19. Personnel entering the site will find doors will close and lock independently, lights and flashlights will flicker and die and familiar faces can be seen on the very edge of vision. Personnel have reported these figures gesturing them into individual cells and down blocked corridors.

NOTE: Due to the events of Report-E3-01 Personnel entering Block-19 are advised NOT to respond to any directions given by entities and to restrain any persons who attempt to do so.

"Due to the possible psychological damage caused by Entity-3 and with regards to other Events, Cell Block-19 is now sealed. Any attempts to enter will result in the use of deadly force" — Administrator ████

Report-E3-01: A research team led by Dr. ████████ entered Cell Block-19 with the intention to study the various anomalies it creates and to record details of the Dark Energy animating the entities. Dr. ████████' team consisted of Dr. █████ and Dr. █████ with Agents ████████ and ███ as protection detail. Dr. ████████ was also granted Level Alpha Clearance for the duration of the study.

Following this remaining members report as soon as Dr ████████ entered Cell-9 the door closed and locked and the view port misted up, obscuring attempts to see inside. Door was securely locked and could not be opened.

Following this Personnel began to report hearing scraping and whispering coming from the Cell, as well as an increase in familiar faces appearing at the corner of vision.

Addendum: Under Interrogation Agent ███ admitted that the view port did not mist up immediately, but was unwilling to add any more detail. Agent ███ did not survive Interrogation.

Personnel Status:

  • Agent ███ — Expired during Interrogation.
  • Agent ████████ — Requested transference to Agency star base Orion. Later walked out an airlock.
  • Dr █████ — Transferred to Agency Mental Facility. At last report Dr █████ has clawed out her own eyes.
  • Dr ██████ — Found hanged in his office five days after Incident.

Suicide Note of Dr ██████
So many voices… so much whispering… the whispering it never ends [Unintelligible] they are here.. they want me to come with them… They want us all [Note degenerates into unintelligible symbols and drawings]

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