Entity-2 being held by Dr. ████

Entity Designation: Entity-2

Threat Classification: Safe

Description: Entity-2 is an energy weapon resembling a handgun, albeit with a 'SteamPunk' design. Entity is extremely worn and degraded, consistent with its location of discovery. Entity-2 is inactive & inert, hence its Safe designation.

Entity-2 was found in the █████ Desert by a group of archaeologists. Entity came to the attention of the Agency when its discoverers attempted to report their find. Transport of the Entity was intercepted and its finders given Class-A Amnesiacs. Study of Entity-2 has revealed it had lain in situ for around ██████ years and was inactive, either due to energy depletion over time or because of a genetic lock preventing use by any other Species.

Discovery of an advanced energy weapon of such age on Earth indicates extraterrestrial life had visited earth in the distant past, citing the possibility that Earth was a colony for a long extinct race.

Entity-2 is currently stored in the Energy-Based Weapons Vault at Site-33.

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