History of the EDEA

Much of the information regarding the origins and original founder of the Agency has been lost or Expunged. What follows is a Administration approved history of the EDEA, with unnecessary or sensitive information redacted where necessary.

The EDEA Agency was founded in the year 1279 by [EXPUNGED] at the order of [DATA LOST]. Its is believed that this was due to an extraterrestrial Event, possibly involving Species 332, which prompted the ruler to order the creation of a special group dedicated to the defence of the realm against such threats. This was called the Order of the Shield. The Order started out as a small group of noblemen charged with hunting down and eliminating any alien life that threatened the country.

Over the course of thirty years the Order grew and extended its reach across much of the known world. It was at this point that the current ruler died and [REDACTED] ascended the throne. The controlling body of the Order took council and decided that the Order could work more efficiently if it remained unknown. From this point on, the Order was an organisation working from the shadows.

In the year 1940, the Order changed its name to the Extraterrestrial Designation and Elimination Agency and became more aligned to observing and destroying Alien life and technology. This was in response to the actions of Hitler's SS-[REDACTED] in appropriating alien technology and treating with extraterrestrial lifeforms. During this period, military support was required to assist in fighting the SS and it was deemed necessary for world leaders to know of the existence, if not the goal, of the Agency. The first leaders in over six hundred years to know of the existence of the Agency included Churchill, Roosevelt & Stalin.

The policy of informing world powers of the existence of the Agency has persisted to the present day. With the ascension of each successive leader a representative is sent to inform that leader of the existence and powers of the Agency. The leader is also instructed not to reveal the existence of the EDEA to any member of his/her government and is reminded that knowledge of the Agency is a privilege, not a right.

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