Homo Machina

Entity Designation: Homo Machina

Common name: Robo-humans, mecha-humans

Threat Level: Obscurus

Photograph taken by Agency Probe

Description: Entity anatomically resembles homo sapiens, the difference being Entity is entirely robotic. Unlike humans Machina universally stand at 1.8m (6ft) high and do not differ in body shape. Method of identifying different members appears to be cosmetic, with Machina appearing in various colours and art designs. Slight variation in limb and head design also provides a method of identification.

Machina society appears to follow an Imperial structure, with a single Emperor ruling over both planets. Machina has not been overtly hostile to the Agency but has instead followed a policy of secrecy, revealing little about its culture or military capabilities.

Homa Machina was first identified by the Agency in 19██ after a routine probe sent to Epsilon Eridani reported structures on Planet ██████. Contact was lost when the probe entered the planet's atmosphere and could not be reestablished. After 2 hours 14 minutes of silence, Probe sent back a single picture apparently showing robotic humanoids (See image above). Attempts to establish communication with the new species were initially unsuccessful, raising the possibility the humanoids were non-sentient. However after nine days of no communications a brief message was beamed towards earth. This message confirmed the sentiency of Machinus and establish the basis for the current system of infrequent communication.

Termination Strategy: As the Agency has had no physical contact with this species means of termination is difficult to establish. Studies of images of Machina have lead researchers to suggest percussion weapons fire to the torso or head would be sufficient to terminate the Entity.

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