Magnus Xenos Cimex

Entity Designation: Magnus Xenos Cimex

Common Name: Bug, The Bugs

Threat Level: Ultimus

Description: Entity is an alien race resembling earth insects, the difference being Cimex is much larger. Cimex is difficult to accurately identify due to the varied nature of each individual sub-species. Entities range from 1.6m in height to around ██m. Cimex are universally a glossy black colour with some sub-species possessing dark grey armour segments. Cimex are hostile to other alien life but do not actively seek out and attack planets of sentient species. However, an exception to this rule is if Cimex is provoked or is currently engaged in a migration period.

Cimex came to the attention of the Agency when contact was lost with Deep-Space Observation Post-██. Recovery teams sent out discovered that the planet Observation Post-██ had been orbiting was now colonised by a previously unseen alien race. Recovery team observed the new species for 13 days 5 hours and 23 minutes before being eliminated.

It was discovered that Cimex had been forced on a migration due to the expansion of Species-332 into the Gliese 674 system. As Species-332 is a designated Species-Of-Interest further research was undertaken in order to confirm Cimex was in fact a naturally evolving species and not an act of aggression.

Termination Strategy: Cimex has a skin thickness similar to Sapiens and therefore can be eliminated via ordinary percussion weapons. Care must be taken as Cimex are universally fast and agile, usually utilising claws or bladed appendages to eviscerate their prey, and congregate in large numbers

Notable Events

  • Defence of Alpha Centauri Research Base 03/05/19██
  • Extermination of Cimex hive in ███████, USA

"No Cimex cannot be killed by using 'a lot of bug spray'. I swear I will find whomever started this rumour and have you assigned to Cimex Overwatch."" - Dr █████

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