Multas Mentes

Entity Designation: Multas Mentes

Common Name: Martians

Threat Classification: Obscurus

Description: A single Mentes resembles a sphere 13cm across with thousands of tentacles of varying lengths extending from it. Tentacles range from 3cm to 15cm in length, with no apparent pattern compared to their location. Mentes are never found as a single entity but instead form themselves into a gestalt consciousness which greatly increases the intelligence of the whole. Recorded examples of Mentes forms can be found attached.

Mentes lives under the surface of Mars in large caverns hollowed out using vast digging forms. Mentes survives off a luminescent fungus that grows in these caverns, farming it in vast quantities.

Discovery of Mentes by the Agency took place early in 19██ by a mining expedition sent by the Agency to exploit Mars' natural resources. Contact was initially strained and losses occurred on both sides until a means of communication was established. Mentes proved to be sentient and intelligent, if not particularly advanced. A human technological equivalent may have been the Stone Age, however this is difficult to establish as Mentes uses few tools, preferring to create specific Forms that can preform the task without the need for tools.

Termination Strategy: Ideal termination method is sustained contact with heat based weaponry. The initial conflict with Mentes proved the ineffectiveness of percussion weapons in successfully terminating a combat form. Heat based weapons were utilised after a case involving a miner who managed to terminate a combat Form using the mining laser attached to his Exo-Suit.

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