Multis Luscus Daemonis

Entity Designation: Multis Luscus Daemonis

Common Name: Gremlin, Demon, Spider-beast

Threat Classification: Obscurus

Description: Entity is a primitive life-form living under the surface of the moon Titan. Daemonis stands around 1.4m (4ft 7inch) with a broad chest and large upper limbs. Method of locomotion is similar to that of Gorilla gorilla (Western Gorilla). Daemonis possesses five eyes; Four see into the visible spectrum while the fifth detects infra-red radiation, allowing Daemonis to detect prey in the darkness of Titans caverns.

Entity is non-sentient and will attempt to prey upon humans that enter its habitat. Entity can move extremely rapidly, speeds up to 23mph have been recorded, and is stronger than an average human. When Daemonis has caught its prey, it will proceed to [DATA REDACTED] before eating the remnants.

Daemonis was discovered by a US research team in 20██ while exploring the subsurface caverns of Titan. The Agency was notified and subsequently took control of the research base. Non-scientific personnel were Terminated and the scientists recruited into the Agency. Cover stories were sent to the scientists families explaining that they had been killed in freak accidents and clone bodies were created for burial.

Termination Strategy: Sustained fire to the head is sufficient to terminate entity.

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