Security Clearance

All personnel working for the EDEA are given a security clearance level. This is based upon the requirements and privileges of their position as well as how much data they will need to access in the course of their duties.

Security ranks are based upon the Greek alphabet.

Clearance Level Description
Alpha (α) The highest rank in the Agency, Personnel granted level Alpha security clearance include Site Administrators & Base Commanders. Occasionally a senior researcher will be granted temporary level Alpha clearance in order to carry out vital work
Beta (β) The second highest rank. Beta clearance is given to senior researchers, security chiefs and senior field agents
Gamma (γ) Level Gamma is the lowest rank at which knowledge of the existence of Species 332 is authorised. Gamma clearance is granted to field agents, research staff and team captains
Delta (δ) Delta clearance is the second lowest rank. Personnel at this level are allowed to possess knowledge of Extraterrestrial Life. Delta clearance is granted to Security Personnel and Clean-Up Teams
Epsilon (ε) The day to day running of agency sites is the job of Level Epsilon personnel. These are the cleaners, janitors, electricians, translators, politicians etc. that work directly for the Agency but are not deemed to require any knowledge of Extraterrestrial Life nor the purpose of the Agency. Epsilon personnel are given cover stories to explain the purpose of the Site they work within. Higher ranking personnel should be aware of their local cover story and not discuss Agency matters in front of Level Epsilon staff

Despite Security Levels being very clearly set out here, persistent rumours of "Above Level Alpha security clearance" continue to be heard in Agency break rooms. To clarify, there is NO security clearance above Alpha. Will you people stop asking? —- Administrator ██████

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