Task Forces

The EDEA is primarily focused upon the elimination of extraterrestrial threats and as such fields a number of armed Task Forces.
A Task Force can number between six and ten operatives. An exception to this rule is Echo-1 which currently stands at battalion size.

Special Task Force Alpha-1, aka "Praetorians": [DATA EXPUNGED]

Special Task Force Alpha-4, aka "First In, Last Out": Multipurpose Elite Task Force. Entry requirements are at the discretion of the current Team Captain.

Special Recovery Task Force Bravo-2, aka "Medic!": Task Force utilised for reinforcement purposes.

Mobile Task Force Bravo-6, aka "Ghostbusters": Mobile Task Force tasked with responding to reports of possible extraterrestrial activities in the form of paranormal activity

Mobile Task Force Charlie-3, aka "Hammer Blow": Rapid response Task Force utilised in the elimination of extraterrestrial entities.

Task Force Delta-5, aka "Space Chimps": Task Force charged with the protection of Agency star base Orion

Task Force Delta-6, aka "Spelunkers": Task Force charged with the protection of scientists at the Titan Research Base

Task Force Echo-1, aka "The Big Guns": Battalion size Task Force reserved for emergency situations, such as an open attack by Species-332

Task Force Echo-3, aka "Iron Fist": Heavy Armour Task Force. Currently deploying one Challenger 2 tank, one Abrams tank and three "Warrior" APCs.

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