Threat Classification

All entities known to the Agency are given a Threat Classification. This is dependant of the danger inherent to humanity by the entity and the risk it poses to revealing the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Threat Level Description Examples
Ultimus Ultimus level threats are given to entities that are either openly hostile to humanity or their nature causes them to be dangerous to humans. Ultimus is also given if an entity has the possibility of ending sapiens domination of life on Earth Species 332, Magnus Xenos Cimex
Obscurus Obscurus is given automatically to any sentient entity due to the unpredictable nature of the alien mindset. Overtly hostile alien species may still fall into this category, unless such actions would result in revealing the existence of extraterrestrial life Homo Machina, Multas Mentes
Safe Given to entities that show no signs of danger to humans, both physical and mental, and are unlikely to reveal the existence of alien life. This may be due to their unassuming nature, natural shyness towards humans or are simply undetectable by visual means. The greatest example of a Safe alien entity would be ████, which is now a popular family pet ████, Entity-2

"Yeah I don't think telling people that ████ is in fact an alien was a good idea. I have had twelve requests for psychological counselling this week alone." - Dr ███████

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